Redundant Remote IP Address Mirroring

For high availability, each instance of a mirror to a remote IP address can have up to four remote IP addresses configured with a unique priority—from 1 (least preferred) to 100 (most preferred), with a default of 50. For each mirror instance, the remote IP address with the highest priority value that is deemed “up” is used as the destination IP address for GRE-tunneled mirrored traffic. All other remote IP addresses deemed “up” for that mirror instance are on standby, ready to be used in the event the preferred remote IP address goes down. Each remote IP address is monitored independently with ping health check, route tracking, and gateway ARP tracking.

To add more redundant remote IP addresses, use the following command using the remote-ip , add, and priority options:

configure mirror mirror_name {to [port port | port-list port_list | loopback port port] | remote-ip {add} remote_ip_address {{vr} vr_name } {from [source_ip_address | auto-source-ip]} {ping-check [on | off]}] {remote-tag rtag | port none} {priority priority_value}