Copying Debug Information to a TFTP Server

SummitStack only—To get debug information from a node in the SummitStack that is not a master node, you must configure an alternate IP address on the node and have its management port connected. You may then use the tftp command to upload specific files. The upload debug command functions only on the master node.

  1. Save and copy debug information to the specified TFTP server.

    Progress messages are displayed that indicate the file being copied and when the copying is finished.

    Depending on your platform, the switch displays a message similar to the following:

    The following files on have been uploaded:
    Tarball Name: TechPubsLab_C_09271428.tgz

    You can also use this command in conjunction with the show tech command.

    Prior to uploading debug information files, the switch prompts you with the following message to run the show tech-support command with the logto file option:

    Do you want to run show tech logto file first? (y/n)
  2. Enter y to run the show tech-support command before uploading debug information.

    If you enter y, the show_tech.log.tgz file is included during the upload. Enter n to upload debug information without running the show tech command.

    After you upload the debug information, you should see a compressed TAR file on the TFTP server, which contains the debug information.

    The TAR file naming convention is

    <SysName>_<{<slot#>|A|B}I|C>_<Current Time>.tgz
    - Current Time = mmddhhmm ( month(01-12), date(01-31), hour(0-24), minute(00-59) ).