Sending Event Messages to Log Targets

You can specify seven types of targets to receive log messages:

  • Console display
  • Current session (Telnet or console display)
  • Memory buffer (can contain 200 to 20,000 messages)
  • NVRAM (messages remain after reboot)
  • Primary node (for SummitStack)
  • Backup node (for SummitStack)
  • Syslog server, supports IPv6 address family as of ExtremeXOS 21.1

The first six targets exist by default; but before enabling any syslog host, you must add the host's information to the switch using the configure syslog command. Extreme Management Center or Ridgeline can be a syslog target.

By default, the memory buffer and NVRAM targets are already enabled and receive messages.

Refer to your UNIX documentation for more information about the syslog host facility.