The following tables, groups, and variables are supported in this MIB.

Table/Group Supported Variables Comments
extremeSaveConfiguration When this object is set, the device copies the contents of the configuration database to a buffer and saves it to the persistent store specified by the value of the object. The save is performed asynchronously, and the SNMP agent continues to respond to both gets and sets while the save is taking place. A network management application may use the extremeSaveStatus object to determine when the asynchronous save operation has completed.
extremeSaveStatus This object returns the status of a save operation invoked by setting the extremeSaveConfiguration object. A network management application can read this object to determine that a save operation has completed.
extremeCurrentConfigInUse Shows which NVRAM configuration store was used at last boot.
extremeConfigToUseOnReboot Controls which NVRAM configuration store will be used on next reboot.
extremeOverTemperatureAlarm Alarm status of overtemperature sensor in device enclosure.
extremePrimaryPowerOperational Not supported. Always returns True.
extremePowerStatus Not supported. Always returns presentOK.
extremePowerAlarm Not supported. Always returns False.
extremeRedundantPowerAlarm Not supported. Always returns presentOK.
extremeInputPowerVoltage Contains the input voltage of the latest power-supply to power-on in a system with multiple power-supplies.
extremePrimarySoftwareRev This value indicates the revision number of the software image on the primary partition.
extremeSecondarySoftwareRev This value indicates the revision number of the software image on the secondary partition.
ExtremeImageToUseOnReboot This value indicates the partition where the software image is located and to be used on the next boot.
extremeSystemID This represents the system ID of a switch.
extremeSystemBoardID Not supported.
extremeBootROMVersion Returns information for the current MSM only.
extremeDot1dTpFdbTableEnable Not supported.