Configuring and Using Keychain Manager

Extreme recommends to synchronize the clocks on all devices that will use Keychain Manager.

Complete the following steps in order to configure Keychain Manager:

  1. Create a keychain using the following command:
    create keychain keychain_name
  2. Add keys to the keychain and configure options with the following commands:
    configure keychain keychain_name add key key_id key-string [text_string {active-lifetime {local} start start_time [end end_time | [duration [seconds | maximum]]]} | encrypted encrypted_string]
    configure keychain keychain_name key key_id active-lifetime {local} start start_time [end end_time | [duration [seconds | maximum]]]
    configure keychain keychain_name key key_id hash-algorithm algorithm
  3. Configure a supported client to use keychain. The authentication peer of the client must use the same key information.