Time Triggers

Time triggers launch a profile at a specific time of day or after a specified period of time.

For example, you can use time triggers to launch profiles at the following times:

A profile that uses a time trigger is called a time-of-day profile. You might use a time trigger to launch a profile to disable guest VLAN access, shut down a wireless service, or power down a port after business hours. Time triggers enable profiles to perform timed backups for configurations, policies, statistics, and so forth. Anything that needs to happen on a regular basis or at a specific time can be incorporated into a time-of-day profile. Time-of-day profiles are not limited to non-persistent-capable CLI commands and can use any command in the ExtremeXOS CLI.

Unlike the device-detect and user-authenticate triggers, time triggers do not have an equivalent function to the device-undetect or user-unauthenticated triggers. If you need the ability to unconfigure changes made in a time-of-day profile, just create another time-of-day profile to make those changes.