SNMPv3 Notification

SNMPv3 can use either SNMPv1 traps or SNMPv2c notifications to send information from an agent to the network manager.

The terms trap and notification are used interchangeably in this context. Notifications are messages sent from an agent to the network manager, typically in response to some state change on the agent system. With SNMPv3, you can define precisely which traps you want sent, to which receiver by defining filter profiles to use for the notification receivers.

To configure notifications, you configure a target address for the target that receives the notification, a target parameters name, and a list of notification tags. The target parameters specify the security and MP models to use for the notifications to the target. The target parameters name also points to the filter profile used to filter the notifications. Finally, the notification tags are added to a notification table so that any target addresses using that tag will receive notifications.