Force Switch

In the absence of any failure in the ring network, an operator-initiated Force Switch (FS) results in the RPL getting unblocked, and the node on which the FS has been issued is blocked. This condition is indicated by the transmission of R-APS FS messages, which are continuous until this condition is unconfigured. Two or more Forced Switches are allowed in the Ethernet ring, but this may cause the segmentation of an Ethernet ring. It is the responsibility of the operator to prevent this effect if it is undesirable.

You can remove a Forced Switch condition by issuing a clear command to the same Ethernet ring node where the Forced Switch is presented (configure erps ring-name dynamic-state [force-switch | manual-switch | clear] port slot:port). The clear command removes existing local operator commands and triggers reversion in case the Ethernet ring is in revertive behavior. The Ethernet ring node where the Forced Switch was cleared continuously transmits the R-APS (NR) message on both ring ports, informing that no request is present at the Ethernet ring node.