configure fip snooping add vlan

configure fip snooping add {vlan} vlan_name


FIP Snooping must be configured to operate.

When a VLAN (Virtual LAN) is added to FIP Snooping using this command, a record containing all FIP configuration information is created for that VLAN with default settings for all configuration elements. If the configuration is saved, the record persists across reboots. The user can see the record when using the “show fip snooping vlan”command to see FIP Snooping information for a VLAN. If the record does not exist, no information appears.

Syntax Description

add Allows use of FIP Snooping on the VLAN.
vlan Optional VLAN keyword.


  • Feature is disabled on the specified VLAN.
  • Port locations default to “perimeter”.
  • FCF-update mode is “automatic”.
  • No FCFs exist in the configuration.
  • The FC-MAP prefix is 0e:fc:00.
  • There are no ACLs.
  • There are no ENodes.
  • There are no virtual links.
  • All counters contain zero.

Usage Guidelines

This command creates the FIP Snooping configuration record for the specified VLAN. All default settings are in effect.


configure fip snooping add vlan v3


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 15.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the following platforms:

  • Summit X770