show inline-power slot

show inline-power slot slot


Displays inline power information for the specified node (slot) on SummitStacks.

Syntax Description

slot Specifies the node (slot).



Usage Guidelines

On SummitStacks, the output indicates the following inline power status for each system:
  • Configured power:
    • Enabled.

    • Disabled.

  • System power surplus.

  • Redundant power surplus.

  • Power usage threshold.

  • Disconnect precedence.

  • Legacy—The status of the legacy mode, which allows detection of many non-standard PDs.

The output indicates the following inline power status information for each slot:
  • Inline power status—The status of inline power. The status conditions are:
    • Enabled.

    • Disabled.

  • Firmware status—The operational status of the slot. The status conditions are:
    • Operational.

    • Not operational.

    • Disabled.

    • Subsystem failure.

    • Card not present.

    • Slot disabled.

  • Budgeted power—The amount of power, in watts, that is available to the slot.

  • Measured power—The amount of power, in watts, that currently being used by the slot.

On a stack, if you do not specify a slot number, the command operates on all active nodes. This command operates only on nodes in the active topology.


The following command displays inline power information for node (slot) 3 on a SummitStack:

show inline-power slot 3
Inline Power System Information
Configured                 : Enabled
System Power Surplus       : 1500 Watts available for budgeting
Redundant Power Surplus    :  465 Watts available for budgeting to maintain N+1
Power Usage Threshold      : 70 percent (per slot)
Disconnect Precedence      : lowest-priority
Legacy Mode                : Disabled
Budgeted       Measured
Slot  Inline-Power  Firmware Status    Power (Watts)  Power (Watts)
3     Enabled       Operational          50 W           9 W
4     Enabled       Card Not Present   ( 50 W)          n/a
7     Enabled       Operational          50 W           0 W
Note: A budget value in parentheses is not allocated from the system power


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 11.1.

Platform Availability

It is available on SummitStack when the stack contains Summit family switches listed in Extreme Networks PoE Devices.