show msdp peer

show msdp [peer {detail} | {peer} remoteaddr] {vr vr_name}


This command displays configuration and run-time parameters about MSDP (Multicast Source Discovery Protocol) peers.

Syntax Description

detail Displays detailed information about MSDP peers.
remoteaddr Specifies the IP address of the MSDP peer.
vr_name Specifies the name of the virtual router to which this command applies. If a name is not specified, it is extracted from the current CLI context.



Usage Guidelines

Use this command to verify the configuration and run-time parameters for MSDP peers, as follows:

  • For summary information, enter the show msdp peer command.
  • For detailed information for all peers, enter the show msdp peer detail command.
  • For detailed information for a specific peer, enter the show msdp peer remoteaddr command.


The following command displays configuration and run-time parameters for MSDP peers:

show msdp peer

The following is sample output from this command:

Peer Address    AS    State       Up/Down   Resets  SA_Cnt  Name
-d   14490 DISABLED    00:31:36  0       0       test
*e       100   ESTABLISHED 00:21:04  1       0       to-Hawaii
-d    2345  DISABLED    00:31:36  0       0
-d  23456 DISABLED    00:31:36  0       0
Flags: (*) default peer, (d) disabled, (e) enabled

The following command displays output from an MSDP peer with the IP address

* Switch.8 # show msdp peer
MSDP Peer            :
Enabled              : No                  AS Number            : 100.100
Keepalive Interval   : 60                  Holdtimer Interval   : 75
Source Address       : not known           TTL Threshold        : 0
Default Peer         : No                  Default Peer Filter  : not configured
Process In Request   : Yes                 In Request filter    : not configured
Maximum SA Limit     : not configured      Mesh Group           : not configured
Input SA Filter      : not configured      Output SA Filter     : not configured
State                : DISABLED            Uptime/Downtime      : 00:00:02
Local Port           : 0                   Remote Port          : 0
In Total Msgs        : 0                   Out Total Msgs       : 0
In SA Msgs           : 0                   Out SA Msgs          : 0
In SA Req Msgs       : 0                   Out SA Req Msgs      : 0
In SA Resp Msgs      : 0                   Out SA Resp Msgs     : 0
Time since Last Msg  : 00:00:02            Hold Tmr Exp in      : 00:00:00
Connection Attempts  : 0                   Entered Established  : 0
RPF Fails            : 0                   Output Queue Size    : 0


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 12.0.

Platform Availability

This command is available on platforms that support the appropriate license. For complete information about software licensing, including how to obtain and upgrade your license and which licenses support the MSDP feature, see the ExtremeXOS 22.2 Feature License Requirements document.