enable fip snooping

enable fip snooping {{vlan} vlan_name}


This command enables FIP Snooping in the VLAN (Virtual LAN). If no VLAN is specified, FIP Snooping is enabled on all VLANs that have been added using the configure fip snooping add the {vlan} vlan_name command.

A FIP Snooping VLAN is disabled by default.

Once FIP Snooping is enabled on a VLAN, the following events occur:

  • FDB (forwarding database) learning is turned off for the VLAN.
  • All FDB entries of the VLAN are removed. If FCFs are manually configured FDB entries are added for each such FCF.
  • ACLs are installed to block most FIP and FCoE frames.

Syntax Description

fip FCoE Initialization Protocol
snooping Snooping FIP frames
vlan_name Name of the vlan on which FIP Snooping is to be enabled.



Usage Guidelines

This command enables FIP Snooping in the VLAN.


enable fip snooping vlan v3


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 15.1

Platform Availability

This command is available on the Summit X770.