Syntax Helper

The CLI has a built-in syntax helper. If you are unsure of the complete syntax for a particular command, enter as much of the command as possible, and then press:
  • [Tab]— Auto-completes the command if there is a unique match. If there is a partial match, auto-completes to the nearest match, and then lists the available options.
  • ?—provides a list of options for the entered command.

If you enter an invalid command, the syntax helper notifies you of your error, and indicates where the error is located.

If the command is one where the next option is a named component (such as a VLAN (Virtual LAN), access profile, or route map), the syntax helper also lists any currently configured names that might be used as the next option. In situations where this list is very long, the syntax helper lists only one line of names, followed by an ellipsis (...) to indicate that there are more names that can be displayed.