enable isis area export

enable isis area area_name export {ipv4} route-type [policy | metric mvalue {metric-type [internal | external]}] {level[1| 2 | both-1-and-2]}


This command enables IPv4 route redistribution into IS-IS for direct, static, BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), RIP (Routing Information Protocol), or OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) routes.

Syntax Description

area_name Specifies the IS-IS router process that receives the exported routes.
ipv4 Specifies that the redistributed routes are for use in IPv4 IS-IS routing.
route-type Selects the type of route for export. The valid route types are: bgp, direct, e-bgp, i-bgp, ospf, ospf-extern1, ospf-extern2, ospf-inter, ospf-intra, rip, and static.
policy Specifies a policy that controls how routes are redistributed into IS-IS.
mvalue Specifies a metric to assign to the routes exported to IS-IS. The range is 0 to 4261412864.
metric-type [internal | external] Specifies a metric type, which is internal or external, to assign to the routes exported to IS-IS.
level [1 | 2 | both-1-and-2] Limits the use of redistributed routes to level 1, level 2, or both.


All types are disabled.

Usage Guidelines

If wide metrics are enabled, redistributed routes are included in the Extended IP Reachability TLV in LSPs. If wide metrics are not enabled, redistributed routes are added to IP External Reachability TLV in LSPs. For policies, the nlri match attribute is supported, and the cost, cost-type internal, permit, and deny set attributes are supported.


The following command exports RIP routes to IS-IS and assigns the internal metric type and metric value 5 to the redistributed routes:

enable isis area areax export rip metric 5 metric-type internal


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 12.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on platforms with a Core license.