show esrp aware

show esrp domain aware {selective-forward-ports | statistics}


Displays all selective forwarding information for a given ESRP (Extreme Standby Router Protocol)-aware domain.

Syntax Description

domain Specifies the name of an ESRP domain.
selective-forward-ports Specifies that the selective-forward-port table is the only table displayed.
statistics Specifies that the selective-forward-port statistics table is the only table displayed.



Usage Guidelines

An ESRP-aware switch floods ESRP PDUs from all ports in an ESRP-aware VLAN (Virtual LAN). This flooding creates unnecessary network traffic because some ports forward ESRP PDUs to switches that are not running the same ESRP groups. You can select the ports that are appropriate for forwarding ESRP PDUs by configuring selective forwarding on an ESRP-aware VLAN and thus reduce this excess traffic. Configuring selective forwarding creates a port list of only those ports that forward to the ESRP groups that are associated with an ESRP-aware VLAN. This aware port list is then used for forwarding ESRP PDUs.

The first of the two tables that this command displays shows Selective Forward Ports information:
  • Group—The number of an ESRP group within the given domain.

  • Port Count—The number of ports in the group that are selected to forward PDUs on the master VLAN.

  • Selective Forward Ports—The list of ports in the group that are selected to forward PDUs on the master VLAN.

The second of the two tables displays statistical information about the activity of the ports:
  • Group—The number of an ESRP group within the given domain.

  • Master MAC—The MAC address for the master of the group.

  • Rx—The number of PDUs received matching the domain/group pair.

  • Fwd—The number of PDUs received and forwarded matching the domain/group pair.

  • FDB (forwarding database) Flush—The number of FDB Flush requests received from the ESRP Master for this domain/group pair.

  • Fwd Ports—Selective or Default.

    Selective describes the group as having a configured aware port list for selective forwarding of PDUs on the Master VLAN. The list of ports is displayed in the first table above.

    Default describes the group as one where all the ports on the master VLAN forward the ESRP PDUs that are received for the domain/group pair. Because there is no selective forwarding configuration for this group, there is no entry in the first table.


The following command displays the ESRP aware information for the domain d1.

show esrp d1 aware
Domain: 			d1
Vlan:			vesrp1
Group				Port Count					Selective Forward Ports
0				5					5:1, 5:2, 7:31, 7:32: 8:1
3				2					5:1, 8:1
Group			Master MAC								Rx			Fwd			FDB Flush					Fwd Ports
0			00:12:00:33:44:55								10			10						1		selective
1			00:22:00:12:21:1F								77			77						3															default
3			00:02:00:13:11:11								99			99						3		selective


This command was first available in Extreme XOS 12.0.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the Summit X450-G2, X460-G2, X670-G2, X770, and ExtremeSwitching X440-G2, X620, X690, X870 series switches.