show ip-security arp learning

show ip-security arp learning [ {vlan} vlan_name | vlan vlan_list]


Displays how the switch builds an ARP table and learns MAC addresses for devices on a specific VLAN (Virtual LAN) and associated member ports.

Syntax Description

vlan_name Specifies the name of the VLAN.
vlan_list Specifies the name of the VLAN list of IDs.



Usage Guidelines

The switch displays the following ARP learning information:

  • Port—The member port of the VLAN.
  • Learn-from—The method the port uses to build the ARP table. The methods are:
    • ARP—ARP learning is enabled. The switch uses a series or requests and replies to build the ARP table.
    • DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)—DHCP secured ARP is enabled. The switch uses DHCP snooping to build the ARP table.
    • None—Both DHCP secured ARP and ARP learning are disabled.


The following sample output displays how the switch builds its ARP table for the VLAN learn:

# show ip-security arp learning vlan learn
Port				Learn-from
2:1				ARP
2:2				DHCP,  poll 300 sec, retries 3
2:3				ARP
2:4				None
2:5				ARP
2:6				ARP
2:7				ARP
2:8				ARP


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 11.6.

The vlan_list variable was added in ExtremeXOS 16.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the Summit X450-G2, X460-G2, X670-G2, X770, and ExtremeSwitching X440-G2, X620, X690, X870 series switches.