show bootprelay configuration ipv6

show bootprelay


Displays various BOOTP Relay configuration details.

Syntax Description

ipv4 Specifies unconfiguring the DHCPv4 BOOTP Relay service (default).
ipv6 Specifies unconfiguring the DHCPv6 BOOTP Relay service.
vlan Unconfigures BOOTP relay for a specified VLAN (Virtual LAN).
vlan_name Specifies the VLAN name.
include-secondary Removes the include-secondary configuration for the specified VLAN.



Usage Guidelines

Use this command to display BOOTP Relay details for IPv6.


The following command :

# show bootprelay configuration ipv6
DHCPv6 BOOTP Relay : Enabled on virtual router "VR-Default"
Include Secondary : Enabled (parallel) 

VLAN                      DHCPv6 BOOTP Relay
------------------------  ------------------
VLAN "Default":    
    BOOTP Relay           : Disabled
VLAN "v1":    
    BOOTP Relay           : Enabled    
    Include Secondary     : Enabled (sequential)
VLAN "v2":    
    BOOTP Relay           : Enabled    
    Include Secondary     : Enabled (parallel)


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 15.4.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the Summit X450-G2, X460-G2, X670-G2, X770, and ExtremeSwitching X440-G2, X620, X690, X870 series switches.