configure virtual-network remote-endpoint vxlan ipaddress

configure virtual-network vn_name [add | delete] remote-endpoint vxlan ipaddress ipaddress {vr vr_name}


Use this command to add or remove a remote endpoint to a virtual network.

Syntax Description

vn_name Alphanumeric string identifying the Virtual Network to be configured.
add Add configuration to the virtual network.
delete Delete configuration from the virtual network.
ipaddress A remote endpoint IP address.
vr VR/VRF instance the remote endpoint is associated with.
vr_name An existing VR/VRF name.



Usage Guidelines

This command is only valid when the virtual network is operating in “flooding standard” mode. The remote endpoint will receive unknown destination frames of all types that enter the virtual network from the local endpoint. For "explicit-remotes" flooding mode, the remote endpoints are added when BUM FDB (forwarding database) entries are added.


To add a remote endpoint to an existing Virtual Network:
configure virtual-network my_virtual_network add remote-endpoint vxlan ipaddress
To remove a remote endpoint from an existing Virtual Network:
configure virtual-network my_virtual_network delete remote-endpoint vxlan ipaddress


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 21.1.

Platform Availability

This command is supported on the Summit X770, X670-G2, and ExtremeSwiching X870, X690 series switches, and stacks with X770, X670-G2, X870, and X690 slots only.