configure fip snooping port location

configure fip snooping {vlan} vlan_name ports port_list {location [perimeter | enode-to-fcf | fcf-to-enode | all]}

The default ACLs on the port are changed to be consistent with the new location.


This command configures the port location for a member of a VLAN (Virtual LAN) that is configured to perform FIP Snooping. The default port location type is perimeter. If no FIP Snooping configuration record was previously created for the VLAN, this command causes its creation with defaults (except for the particular port's location as specified) set.

The acceptable FIP frames differ per port location. The command specifies the port location and guides the switch to install different ACLs. The default port location, i.e. port type, is perimeter, where the port is expected to be connected toENodes. The change of the port type triggers the following events.

If FIP Snooping is enabled:
  • All FDB (forwarding database) entries previously stored for the VLAN on the specified port are removed, except for those related to manually configured FCFs.

  • All virtual links are removed.

  • All knowledge of Enodes (if any) learned on this port is removed.

  • All knowledge of discovered FCFs (if any) learned on this port is removed.

Syntax Description


Name of the VLAN whose port(s) will have the location changed.


A port or a list of ports.


Port is directly connected to Enodes. Per virtual link ACLs are installed providing the most security.


Port sees packets from FCoE nodes to FCoE forwarders only.


Port sees packets from FCoE forwarders to FCoE nodes only.


Port sees packets both from FCoE forwarders and FCoE nodes.



Usage Guidelines

This command configures the port location for a member of a VLAN that is to perform FIP Snooping.


configure fip snooping vlan "v3" port 1:1 location fcf-to-enode


This command is available on the following platforms:
  • Summit X770