show virtual-network remote-endpoint vxlan

show virtual-network {vn_name} remote-endpoint vxlan {vni vni} {ipaddress ipaddress { vr vr_name } }


Use this command to show the remote-endpoints that have been created.

Syntax Description

vn_name Display remote endpoints only for the specified Virtual Network string.
vni A unique 24-bit Virtual Network Identifier that is used in the VXLAN header to encapsulate tenant frames.
vni Virtual Network Identifier value between 1 and 16777215.
ipaddress IP address of the remote endpoint.
ipaddress A remote endpoint IP address



Usage Guidelines

When no option is specified a summary output of all remote endpoints is displayed. User needs to use the virtual network name or VXLAN VNI option to query the remote endpoints associated to a specific virtual network. For detailed information of a specific remote-endpoint, ipaddress option can be used.


* X670-G2-72x.1 # show virtual-network remote-endpoint vxlan
IP Address Virtual Router Next Hops Virtual Active/Total Networks
=================================================================== VR-Default 2/2 2 VR-Default 2/2 1 VR-Default 2/2 1 VR-Default 2/2 1 VR-Default 0/0 0
Total number of Remote Endpoints : 5

* Slot-1 SBR1-X770.7 # show virtual-network vxlan 
remote-endpoint ipaddress

IP Address        :                VRF : VR-Default
Learning          : Enabled                Stats Monitor : On
Health Check      : None

                      == Next Hop Information ==
  Gateway       :                 MAC  : 00:04:96:97:f8:a6
  Interface     : trunk2                   Port : 1:41
                      == End Next Hop Information ==

                       == Virtual Network Associations ==
  Virtual Network : vni1                   VNI : 1
  Origin          : OSPF Learned,

  Virtual Network : vni2                   VNI : 2
  Origin          : OSPF Learned,
                     == End Virtual Network Associations ==


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 21.1.

Platform Availability

This command is supported on the Summit X770, X670-G2, and ExtremeSwiching X870, X690 series switches, and stacks with X770, X670-G2, X870, and X690 slots only.