configure inline-power budget

configure inline-power budget num_watts {slot slot}


Sets the reserved power on the switch or specified slot to the specified watts.

Syntax Description

num_watts Specifies the number of watts to reserve for specified switch or slot for inline power. Enter an integer. The minimum value is 37, or 0 if the slot is disabled; the maximum is 768.
slot Specifies a slot. The slot must be configured to hold a PoE module.


50 W.

Usage Guidelines

This command sets the budgeted power reserved for all PDs connected to the switch or specified slot in Watts. On a modular switch, none of the power budget on a specified slot can be used to power other slots or PDs on other slots.

On a modular switch, if you specify a slot that is not configured to hold a PoE module, the system returns the following error message:

Error: Slot 2 is not capable of inline-power.

You can modify the power budget without disabling the switch or slot.

If the power consumption of the PDs on the switch or a specified slot exceeds this configured power budget, the system disconnects the lowest priority ports. (Refer to configure inline-power priority for information on configuring this parameter.)

If you attempt to configure this power budget for a value that the system cannot safely provide, the system returns an error message. To display inline power settings, use the command show inline-power; to display the power for the entire switch, use the command show power budget.



You must disable inline power for the switch or the specified slot using the disable inline-power slot command prior to setting the budget to 0.

To reduce the chances of ports fluctuating between powered and non-powered states, newly inserted PDs are not powered when the actual delivered power for the module is within approximately 19 W of the configured inline power budget for that switch or slot. However, actual aggregate power can be delivered up to the configured inline power budget for the switch or slot (for example, when delivered power from ports increases or when the configured inline power budget for the switch or slot is reduced).

Each Summit family switch has its own PSU and the power budget for each Summit switch is determined by the internal/external PSUs connected to that Summit switch. For this reason, the command configure inline-power budget num_watts {slotslot} is not applicable to Summit family switches or SummitStack except the Summit X430-8p.

If you attempt to configure the reserved budget outside the predefined range (60-90 W), an error is displayed. The default power budget is 60 W. If you configure the reserved budget more than default value, a warning message is displayed to notify the user that more than the default budget can be only used on standalone desktop configuration. Answer Y or N to confirm or cancel operation. If the power consumed by devices on the switch exceeds the configured budget, then new ports requiring power are either denied or other lower priority ports are disconnected.


The following example sets the power for slot 4 to 150 W on a modular switch:

configure inline-power budget 150 slot 4


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 11.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the BlackDiamond 8000 series modules listed in Extreme Networks PoE Devices.