disable slot

disable slot slot | FM-1 | FM-2 | FM-3 | FM-4 {offline}


Disables slot and leaves that module in a power down state. These can be either regular slots or fabric slots (FM-1 through FM-4).

Syntax Description

slot Specifies the slot to be disabled.
offline Specifies that the slot be disabled offline.
Note: This variable is supported only on the BlackDiamond 8800 series switches; that is, those modular switches that support offline diagnostics.



Usage Guidelines

This command allows the user to disable a slot. When the user types this command, the I/O card in that particular slot number is brought down, and the slot is powered down. The LEDs on the card go OFF.

When a fabric slot (e.g., FM-1) is disabled, it is powered off and the bandwidth it provides is unavailable. Disabling an active fabric slot reroutes the switch fabric traffic before powering off the inserted FM blade. Thus, if there are four active fabric modules when one is disabled, there should be no traffic loss.

A disabled slot can be re-enabled using the enable slot command. When the slot is re-enabled, the software on the I/O module is updated to match the software on the primary MSM/MM.

The show slot command, if invoked after the user disables the slot, shows this slot state as "Power Off/Disabled."

If there is no I/O card present in a slot when the user disables the slot, the slot still goes to the "Disable" state. If a card is inserted in a slot that has been disabled, the card does not come up and stays in the "Power Off/Disabled" state until the slot is enabled by using the enable slot command. below.

If you do not save the configuration before you do a switch reboot, the slot will be re-enabled upon reboot. If you save the configuration after disabling a slot, the slot will remain disabled after a reboot.

On Power over Ethernet (PoE) modules, disabling a slot also disables any inline power that in flowing to that slot.

BlackDiamond 8800 series switch only

This command applies only to the data, or I/O ports on slots holding an MSM. The slots holding an MSM on the BlackDiamond 8810 switch are 5 and possibly 6; the slots holding an MSM on the BlackDiamond 8806 switch are 3 and possibly 4. Use the offline parameter to run the diagnostics offline.


The following example disables slot 5 on the switch:

disable slot 5


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 10.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available only on modular switches.