Applications and Types of QoS

Different applications have different QoS (Quality of Service) requirements. Traffic Type and QoS Guidelines summarizes the QoS guidelines for different types of network traffic.

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Traffic Type and QoS Guidelines

Traffic Type Key QoS Parameters
Voice Minimum bandwidth, priority
Video Medium bandwidth, priority, buffering (varies)
Database Minimum bandwidth
Web browsing Minimum bandwidth for critical applications, maximum bandwidth for noncritical applications
File server Minimum bandwidth

Consider these parameters as general guidelines and not as strict recommendations. After QoS parameters have been set, you can monitor the performance of the application to determine if the actual behavior of the applications matches your expectations. It is very important to understand the needs and behavior of the particular applications you want to protect or limit. Behavioral aspects to consider include bandwidth needs, sensitivity to latency and jitter, and sensitivity and impact of packet loss.



Full-duplex links should be used when deploying policy-based QoS. Half-duplex operation on links can make delivery of guaranteed minimum bandwidth impossible.