show system

show system


This command displays the aggregated output of the following commands:
  • show switch
  • show version
  • show temperature
  • show power
  • show fans
  • show odometers

Syntax Description

This command has no arguments or variables.



Usage Guidelines

Use this command to view the collected output of individual system commands.


# show system

show switch
SysName:          switch-model-EXOS
System MAC:       00:04:96:EF:2C:00
System Type:      switch-model-EXOS

SysHealth check:  Enabled (Normal)
Recovery Mode:    All
System Watchdog:  Enabled
Trusted Delivery: UBOOT Image Verified

Current Time:     Tue Sep  1 14:51:40 2020
Timezone:         [Auto DST Disabled] GMT Offset: 0 minutes, name is UTC.
Boot Time:        Tue Aug 11 18:18:57 2020
Boot Count:       105
Next Reboot:      None scheduled
System UpTime:    20 days 20 hours 32 minutes 43 seconds

Current State:    OPERATIONAL
Image Selected:   secondary
Image Booted:     secondary
Primary ver:
Secondary ver:

Config Selected:  primary.cfg
Config Booted:    primary.cfg
Config Automatic: NONE (Disabled)

primary.cfg       Created by ExtremeXOS version
                  354129 bytes saved on Mon Jul 27 13:57:50 2020

LAA MAC:          Locally Administered MAC Address Disabled

show version
Switch          : 800992-01-03 2011G-00108 Rev 03 BootROM:    IMG:

Image   : ExtremeXOS version by release-manager
          on Thu Aug 6 07:07:23 EDT 2020
BootROM : Default  Alternate
Diagnostics :
Certified Version : EXOS Linux 4.14.170, Extreme Networks FIPS Object Module 2.0.16a
Build Tools Version : exos-arm64-sdk-

show temperature
Field Replaceable Units                                  Temp (C)   Status   Min  Normal   Max
-------------------------------------------------------  ---------  -------  ---  -------  ---
Switch                : switch-model-EXOS                      43.00    Normal     0   10-100  110

show power
PowerSupply 1 information:
 State             : Powered On
 PartInfo          : Internal PSU-1 1943A-33011 800592-00-15
 Revision          : 15
 Input             : 208.25 V AC
 Output 1          : 53.28 V,  0.82 A   (12V/715W Max)
 Power Usage       : 57.48 W
 Airflow Direction : Front to Back

PowerSupply 2 information:
 State             : Empty

System Power Usage : 57.48 W
 Poll Interval     : 60 s
 Change Threshold  : N/A
 Change Action     : N/A

show fans
Slot-1 FanTray-1 information:
 State:                  Operational
 NumFan:                 2
 Fan-1:                  Operational at 4096 RPM
 Fan-2:                  Operational at 4488 RPM

Slot-1 FanTray-2 information:
 State:                  Operational
 NumFan:                 2
 Fan-1:                  Operational at 4028 RPM
 Fan-2:                  Operational at 4572 RPM

Slot-1 FanTray-3 information:
 State:                  Operational
 NumFan:                 2
 Fan-1:                  Operational at 4062 RPM
 Fan-2:                  Operational at 4509 RPM

show odometers
                                                         Service  First Recorded
Field Replaceable Units                                  Days     Start Date
-------------------------------------------------------  -------  --------------
Switch                : switch-model-EXOS                         90  May-29-2020


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 16.1.

Solid State Storage Device SSD-120 information was added in ExtremeXOS 30.3.

Platform Availability

This command is available on ExtremeSwitching X435, X440-G2, X450-G2, X460-G2, X465, X590, X620, and X695 series switches.