show msrp listeners

show msrp listeners {egress | ingress | ingress-and-egress} {port port_num} {source-mac-addr source_mac_addr | stream-id stream_id}


Shows MSRP listener information.

Syntax Description

msrp Multiple Stream Registration Protocol.
listeners Listener attributes.
egress Display egress listeners only.
ingress Display ingress listeners only (default).
ingress-and-egress Display all listeners.


Filter based on ingress port number of the stream.
source-mac-addr Filter based on source MAC address of a data stream.
stream-id Filter based on stream ID of a data stream.



Usage Guidelines

Use this command to show MSRP listener information. The output can be filtered based on the stream id, source MAC, or port number on which the listener is registered.


# show msrp listeners        
    Stream Id            Port  Dec       Dir      State       Stream Age                                                    
                                                 App  Reg  (days, hr:mm:ss)   
-----------------------  -----  -------  -------  ---  --- ----------------   
00:50:c2:4e:d3:2d:00:00     19  Ready    Ingress  VO   IN       0, 00:58:12   
00:50:c2:4e:d3:2d:00:01     19  Ready    Ingress  VO   IN       0, 00:58:12   
00:50:c2:4e:d3:2d:00:02     19  Ready    Ingress  VO   IN       0, 00:58:12   
App      : Applicant State,                Dec     : MSRP Declaration Types,   
Dir      : Direction of MSRP attribute,    Reg     : Registrar State       

MSRP Declaration Types:   
AskFail : Listener Asking Failed,          RdyFail : Listener Ready Failed,   
Ready   : Listener Ready       

Applicant States:      
   AA   : Anxious active,                  AN      : Anxious new,      
   AO   : Anxious observer,                AP      : Anxious passive,      
   LA   : Leaving active,                  LO      : Leaving observer,      
   QA   : Quiet active,                    QO      : Quiet observer,      
   QP   : Quiet passive,                   VN      : Very anxious new,      
   VO   : Very anxious observer,           VP      : Very anxious passive      

Registrar States:      
   IN   : In - Registered,                 LV      : Leaving - Timing out,      
   MT   : Empty - Not Registered    


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 15.3.

Platform Availability

This command is available on all platforms that support the AVB feature and that have an AVB feature pack license installed. To see which platforms support AVB and for information about obtaining a license, see the ExtremeXOS 32.2 Feature License Requirements .