clear l2pt counters rtep

clear l2pt counters {[vlan vlan_name {{vxlan{vr vr_name} rtep rtep_ipv4}}}


Clears L2PT RTEP counters.

Syntax Description

vlan Optionally clears counters only on a specific VLAN.
vlan_name Specifies the VLAN name.
vxlan Specifies Virtual eXtensible LAN.
vr Specifies Virtual Router.
vr_name Specifies the Virtual Router Name. If not specified, the VR of the current command context is used.
rtep Specifies Remote Tunnel End Point.
rtep_ipv4 Specifies the Remote Tunnel End Point IPv4 address.



Usage Guidelines

Use this command to clear L2PT RTEP counters.


The following example clears L2PT counters on RTEP of VxLAN interface:

clear l2pt counters vlan tenant vxlan rtep


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 31.3.

Platform Availability

This command is supported on the ExtremeSwitching X465, X590, X695 series switches, and stacks with X465, X590, X695 slots only.