configure mcast ipv4 cache timeout

configure mcast ipv4 cache timeout {seconds | none}


Configures the IPv4 multicast cache timeout.

Syntax Description

seconds Idle time after which cache entries are deleted.
none Cache entries are not timed out.


300 seconds.

Usage Guidelines

Cache timeout is the time after which the cache entries are deleted if traffic is not received for that duration. This applies only for snooping and MVR caches and does not apply for PIM caches.

The range is 90 to 100000 seconds. You can use the option none if you do not want the cache entry to be deleted. If none is configured, the cache entries can be deleted only using the following command:

clear igmp snooping


The following example configures the IPv4 multicast cache timeout to 400 seconds.

configure mcast ipv4 cache timeout 400

The following command clears he IPv4 multicast cache timeout.

configure mcast ipv4 cache timeout none


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 15.2.

Platform Availability

This command is available on platforms that support the appropriate license. For complete information about software licensing, including how to obtain and upgrade your license and which licenses support the IGMP snooping feature, see the ExtremeXOS 32.2 Feature License Requirements document.