configure ipv6 dad

configure ipv6 dad [off | on | {on} attempts max_solicitations] {{vr} vr_name | vr all}


Configures the operation of the duplicate address detection (DAD) feature on the specified VR.

Syntax Description

max_solicitations Specifies the number of times the DAD feature tests for a duplicate address. The range is 1 to 10, and the default value is 1.
vr_name Specifies a VR on which to enable this feature.


DAD status: On on VR-Default.

Maximum solicitations: 1 for VR-Default.

If you do not specify a VR or VRF, the current VR context is used.

Usage Guidelines

When the DAD feature is enabled, the switch checks for duplicate IPv6 addresses on the specified VR when an IPv6 interface is initialized, or when a DAD check is initiated with a CLI command. After initialization, and when this feature is off, the switch does not start DAD checks.

Changes to the number of solicitations configuration take affect the next time the DAD check is run.

By default, this command applies to the current VR context, if no VR name is specified. If vr all is specified, the command applies to all user VRs and VR-Default.

The DAD feature does not run on loopback VLANs.


The following command enables the DAD feature on all user VRs and VR-Default:

configure ipv6 dad on vr all


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 12.6.

Platform Availability

This command is available on ExtremeSwitching X435, X440-G2, X450-G2, X460-G2, X465, X590, X620, and X695 series switches.