show erps ring-name

show erps ring-name


Display specific details for an ERPS ring.

Syntax Description

ring-name Alphanumeric string that identifies the ERPS ring.



Usage Guidelines

Use this command to display specific details for an ERPS ring.


The following example displays details for an ERPS ring named "R1":

# show erps "R1"

Name: R1
Operational State: Protection enabled        Node Type: RPL Owner,  Revertive
Configured State : Enabled

East Ring Port :  21  MepId: 1  Remote MepId: 3       Status: Blocked
West Ring Port : +20  MepId: 2  Remote MepId: 4       Status: Blocked

Periodic timer interval:  5000 millisec (Enabled)
Hold-off timer interval:  0    millisec (Enabled)
Guard timer interval   :  500  millisec (Enabled)
WTB timer interval     :  5500 millisec (Enabled)
WTR timer interval     :  1000 millisec (Enabled)

Ring MD Level          :  1
CCM Interval East      :  1000 millisec
CCM Interval West      :  1000 millisec
Notify Topology Change :  -------
Subring Mode           :  Virtual Channel

ERPS Control Vlan: cvl           VID:1000
Topology Change Propogation List: None
Topology Change Propogation  : Disabled
ERPS Ring's Sub-Ring(s): None
ERPS Ring has following Protected Vlan(s):
    Vlan Name                    VID
    pvl                          1001
Number of Protected Vlans: 1
(+) RPL Protection Port, (^) RPL Neighbor Port
(f) Force Switch Port, (m) Manual Switch Port


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 15.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on all platforms supported in 12.6 and forward that are running ExtremeXOS.