show switch bluetooth

show switch bluetooth [statistics | inventory]


Displays Bluetooth device-related information.

Syntax Description

switch Designates showing information for the switch.
bluetooth Designates showing information about Bluetooth devices.
statistics Shows Bluetooth statistics.
inventory Shows Bluetooth inventory (model number, serial number, etc.).



Usage Guidelines

Using this command without the statistics shows:
  • If Bluetooth is enabled on the switch.
  • Switch MAC address.
  • Switch name.
  • Is Bluetooth discovery enabled.
  • Is Bluetooth pairing enabled.
  • List of Bluetooth devices:
    • Device MAC address.
    • Device name.
    • Device type (PC, phone, etc.)
    • Is the device paired.
    • Is the device trusted.
    • Is the device blocked.
    • Is the device paired.

To enable Bluetooth capabilites, use the enable switch bluetooth {discovery | pairing } command.

To disable Bluetooth capabilites, use the disable switch bluetooth {discovery | pairing } command.


The following example shows Bluetooth information for a switch:

# show switch bluetooth
Bluetooth      :  Enabled
    Address    :  00:04:96:9a:46:48
    Name       :  X465            Discovery  :  Enabled
    Pairing    :  Enabled
Bluetooth          Device         Device    Paired  Trusted  Blocked  Connected
Address            Name           Type
------------------ -------------- --------- ------- -------- -------- ----------
00:00:00:00:00:02  Device1        PC        Yes     Yes      No       Yes
00:00:00:00:00:03  Device2        Phone     Yes     No       No       No

The following example shows Bluetooth statistics:

# show switch bluetooth statistics
Bluetooth                 Rx        Tx       Rx      Err      Tx      Rx       Tx
Address                Bytes     Bytes   Events              Cmd     ACL      ACL
----------------- ---------- --------- -------- -------- ------- -------  -------
00:04:96:9a:46:48         50       100       10       10      10      15       15

The following example shows Bluetooth inventory:

# show switch bluetooth inventory
Address           Manufacturer     Model           Model #      Serial #                         Description
----------------- ---------------- --------------- ------------ -------------------------------- --------------
5C:F3:70:8B:E4:11 Broadcom_Corp    BCM20702A0      21e8         Broadcom_Corp_BCM20702A0_5CF3708 usb_device


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 30.3.

Platform Availability

This command is available on the ExtremeSwitching X465 series switch.