configure log target upm filter

configure log target upm {upm_profile_name} filter filter-name {severity [[severity] {only}]}


Configures a log target to receive events that conform to a specific EMS filter and severity level requirements.

Syntax Description

upm_profile_name Specifies a UPM log target to configure.
filter-name Assigns an EMS filter to the specified log target.
severity Specifies the minimum severity level for events sent to the log target.
only Specifies that only events at the specified severity are sent to the log target.



Usage Guidelines

Events that meet the criteria established in the EMS filter and the optional severity requirements are forwarded to the UPM log target profile. You can further restrict the forwarded events with the following command:

configure log target upm {upm_profile_name} match {any |regex}.


The following example configures UPM log target testprofile1 to receive events that meet the criteria defined in EMS filter testfilter1:

configure log target upm testprofile1 filter testfilter1


This command was first available in ExtremeXOS 12.1.

Platform Availability

This command is available on platforms that support the appropriate license. For complete information about software licensing, including how to obtain and upgrade your license and which licenses support the Universal Port feature, see the ExtremeXOS 32.2 Feature License Requirements document.