clear macsec nid

Use this command to set access control to the default on a port or ports.


set macsec nid unauthallowed |unsecureallowed port-string


unauthallowed (Optional) Specifies when unauthenticated connectivity is allowed. Unauthenticated refers to the port state before MKA is successful (that is, when a port‘s peer does not have MKA enabled or as a non-matching PSK configured).
unsecureallowed (Optional) Specifies when authenticated, but unsecure connectivity, is allowed. Authenticated refers to the port state after MKA is successful (that is, when a port‘s peer does support MKA and has a matching PSK configured). Unsecure refers to the MKA Key server deciding not use MACsec.
port-string (Optional) Port or range of ports.


The option unauthallowed defaults to never. The option unsercureallowed defaults mkaServer. If neither optioin is specified, the clear applies to both.

If you do not specify a port‐string, the access control setting is applied to all ports.


All command modes.


This example shows how to reset unauthenticated connectivity to the default value for port "ge.1.10":

System(rw)->clear macsec nid unauthallowed ge.1.10