show ip dns

Use this command to display DNS configuration for this system.


show ip dns






All command modes.


This example displays DNS configuration for this system:

System(rw)->show ip dns
Current State:             Enabled
Default DNS domain name:
DNS zones:
DNS port number:           53
DNS server timeout:        10 seconds
DNS query retries:         2
DNS Name servers                         Status
---------------------------------------  ----------
(No name servers configured)

show ip dns Output Details provides an explanation of the command output.

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show ip dns Output Details

Output... What it displays...
Current State Specifies whether DNS is enabled or disabled for this system. Refer to set ip dns for more information.
Default DNS Domain Name Specifies the Default DNS Domain Name for this system. If the default domain name is not specified, lookups must provide fully qualified domains. Refer to set ip dns domain for more information.
DNS Zones Specifies the DNS Zones for IPv4 and IPv6 for IP address to name lookups. Refer to set ip dns zone for more information.
DNS port number Specifies the port DNS resolver uses for DNS queries on this system. Refer to set ip dns port-number.
DNS server timeout Specifies the number of seconds before a DNS request is retried when the DNS server fails to respond. Refer to set ip dns timeout for more information.
DNS query retires Specifies the number of times to retry a lookup request to a DNS server that has failed to respond. Refer to set ip dns query-retries for more information.
DNS Name servers Lists all configured DNS name servers for this system. Refer to set ip dns server for more information.
Status Specifies whether DNS is enable or disabled on this server.