debug packet control

Use this command to set debug utility control features.


debug packet control {[throttle throttle] [limit limit] [verbose | brief]}
no debug packet


throttle throttle (Optional) Sets the maximum number of debug packets per second to display. Valid values are 2 - 100. Default value is 10.
limit limit (Optional) Sets the maximum number debug packets to display per board per run. Valid values are 0 - 1000. 0 = no limit. Default value is 10.
verbose (Optional) Displays the maximum amount of information available per debug packet. verbose is the default level of information displayed by the debug utility.
brief (Optional) Displays the minimum amount of information available per debug packet.


At least one option must be specified. Any option not specified remains unchanged.


Configuration command.


If a control limit other than 0 is specified, when the number of debug messages displayed reaches the limit, no further messages display until the debug utility is restarted using debug packet restart.


This example shows how to set the debug control throttle setting to 15 messages per second:

System(rw-config)->debug packet control throttle 15