redistribute bgp

This command specifies that BGP routes are exported into BGP.


redistribute bgp [[global [aspath-limit limit] [origin code] [med value] [local-pref value] [route-map name]]
no redistribute bgp [[global [aspath-limit limit] [origin code] [med value] [local-pref value] [route-map name]]


global (Optional) Specifies that BGP prefixes should be redistributed from the global VRF router. Defaults to the current VRF context.
aspath-limit limit (Optional) Specifies the upper limit on AS-path length. Valid values are 0 - 255. Default value is 1.
origin code (Optional) Specifies the origin process attribute. Valid values are:

0 - IGP
1 - EGP
2 - Incomplete

Default value is 2.

med value (Optional) Specifies the multi-exit discriminator value for this route. Valid values are 0 - 4294967295. Default value is 0.
local-pref value (Optional) Specifies a route selection value for this route when the same prefix is learned from multiple peers.
route-map name (Optional) A route-map name to apply to these routes.


If a route-map is not specified, no route-map is applied.


BGP Router Configuration or BGP address family configuration mode.


The redistribute bgp command provides for the exporting of BGP routes into BGP.

The no redistribute bgp command removes redistribution of BGP route configuration from the router.


In the following example BGP is configured to redistribute all BGP routes with the local preference set for 100.

System(su-config)->router bgp 65151
System(su-config-bgp)->redistribute bgp local-pref 100