tunnel keepalive (S-, K-Series)

Use this command to set the GRE tunnel keepalive transmit interval and retries.


tunnel keepalive seconds retries
no tunnel keepalive seconds retries


seconds Specifies the tunnel keepalive transmit interval in seconds. Valid Values are 1 - 32767 seconds. The default value is not set.
retries Specifies the number of keepalive retries before the tunnel is declared down. Valid Values are 1 - 255. The default value is not set.




Tunnel Interface Configuration command mode.


The keepalive configuration only affects GRE IPv4 over IPv4 tunnels. Unlike a tunnel probe that is only capable of monitoring the state of the specified IP address, GRE keepalive both monitors the state of the IP address and whether the end-point was able to decapsulate the tunnel packet. A failed keepalive causes the tunnel to transition to the down state.

Use the “no” option for this command to disable keepalive on the tunnel


This example shows how to set the tunnel keepalive interval to 3 seconds and retries to 1:

System(rw)->tunnel keepalive 3 1