set spantree adminpoint

Use this command to set the administrative point-to-point status of the LAN segment attached to a Spanning Tree port.


set spantree adminpoint port-string {true | false | auto}


port-string Specifies the port on which to set point-to-point protocol status. For a detailed description of possible port-string values, refer to Port String Syntax Used in the CLI in the S-, K-, and 7100 Series Configuration Guide.
true | false | auto Specifies the point-to-point status of the LAN attached to the specified port.
  • true forces the port to be considered point-to-point.
  • false forces the port to be considered non point-to-point.
  • auto (the default setting) allows the firmware to determine the port‘s point-to-point status.




All command modes.


This example shows how to set the LAN attached to ge.1.3 as a point-to-point segment:

System(rw)->set spantree adminpoint ge.1.3 true