show support

Use this command to display output for technical support-related commands.


show support [filename]


filename (Optional) The name of the file (entered at the command line in the format slotN/name) in which the show output will be saved.


The following commands are executed:

  • show version
  • show system hardware
  • show vlan
  • show vlan static
  • show logging all
  • show snmp counters
  • show port status
  • show spantree status
  • show spantree blockedports
  • show ip route
  • show netstat
  • show arp
  • show system utilization
  • show config


All command modes.


If C2 security mode is enabled, the show support command can not be accessed while in Read-Write or Read-Only user modes.


This example shows how to execute the show support command and save the results to slot 1 as a file named support3.txt:

System(su)->show support slot1/support3.txt
Writing output to file..................
Writing 'show config' output.....
Writing Message Log output.......