set nodealias

Use this command to enable, disable, or set maximum entries for a node alias agent on one or more ports.


set nodealias {enable | disable} [protocols protocols] port-string


enable | disable Enables or disables a node alias agent. Default: enable.
protocols protocols (Optional) Specifies the enabling or disabling of node alias captures on a protocol basis. Defaults to all protocols. Configurable protocols are:
  • ip – Internet Protocol Version 4
  • apl – Appletalk
  • mac – Media Access Control
  • hsrp – Hot Standby Routing Protocol
  • dhcps – Dynamic Host Control Protocol Server
  • dhcpc – Dynamic Host Control Protocol Client
  • bootps – Boot Protocol Server
  • bootpc – Boot Protocol Client
  • ospf – Open Shortest Path First
  • vrrp – Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
  • ipx – Internet Packet Exchange
  • xrip – IPX Routing Information Protocol
  • xsap – IPX Service Access Point
  • ipx20 – IPX Protocol 20 packet
  • rtmp – Routing Table Maintenance Protocol
  • netBios – NetBIOS (raw)
  • nbt – NetBIOS (over TCP/IP)
  • bgp – Border Gateway Protocol
  • rip – Routing Information Protocol
  • igrp – Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
  • dec – Digital Equipment Corporation
  • bpdu – Bridge Protocol Data Unit
  • udp – User Datagram Protocol
  • ipv6 – Internet Protocol Version 6
maxentries Specifies the maximum number of entries the node alias agent will discover for the specified port(s).
port-string If the enable or disable parameter is used, the port-string parameter specifies the port(s) on which to enable or disable a node alias agent. If the maxentries parameter is used, port-string specifies the port(s) on which to limit the maximum number of entries the node alias agent will discover.




All command modes.


Upon packet reception, node aliases are dynamically assigned to ports enabled with an alias agent, which is the default setting on Extreme Networks S- K- and 7100-Series devices. Node aliases cannot be statically created, but can be deleted using clear nodealias.


This example shows how to disable the node alias agent on ge.1.13:

System(rw)->set nodealias disable ge.1.13