show smon priority

Use this command to display SMON user priority statistics. SMON generates aggregated statistics for IEEE 802.1Q VLAN environments.


show smon priority [port-string] [priority priority]


port-string (Optional) Displays SMON priority statistics being collected by specific port(s).
priority priority (Optional) Displays SMON statistics based on encoded user priority, Valid values are 0 - 7.


  • If port-string is not specified, SMON statistics for all ports will be displayed.
  • If priority is not specified, statistics for all priority queues will be displayed.


All command modes.


This example shows how to display SMON priority 0 statistics for 1-Gigabit Ethernet port 14 in module 3:

System(rw)->show smon priority ge.3.14 0
Show Priority Statistics
Interface = ge.3.14
Owner     = none
Creation  = 0 days 0 hours 6 minutes 39 seconds
Status    = enabled
Priority 0 Packets              Octets
Total      7981308              2332402460
Overflow   0                    0