show access-lists

Use this command to display configured IP access lists configuration.


show access-lists [access-list-number | name] [from start-range to end-range]] [brief]


access-list-number (Optional) Displays access list information for a specific access list. Valid values are between 1 and 199.
name (Optional) Displays access list information for a specific access list name.
from start-range to end-range (Optional) Specifies a sequential range of ACL rules to display for the specified access list.
brief (Optional) Displays a summary version of the specified context.


If an option is not specified, the entire table of access lists will be displayed.


All command modes.


This example shows how to display IP access list number 101. This is an extended access list, which permits or denies ICMP, UDP and IP frames based on restrictions configured with the one of the access list commands:

System(rw-config)->show access-lists 101
Extended IP access list 101  (6 entries)
  1 permit icmp  host  any
  2 permit udp  host  host  eq 8080
  3 deny   ip
  4 deny   ip
  5 deny   ip
  -- implicit deny all --

This example shows how to display the brief form of applied IP access lists for this system:

System(rw-config)->show access-lists brief
IPv4 Access List (last 49 chars)                  Type Ents Deny count
------------------------------------------------- ---- ---- --------------------
1                                                 std     7 0
2                                                 std     2 0
3                                                 std     2 0
This_is_an_extended_access_list_with_a_long_name  ext     2 0
abcde                                             std     1 0
denyall                                           std     3 0
fred                                              ext     2 0