clear spantree portpri

Use this command to reset the bridge priority of a Spanning Tree port to the default value of 128.


clear spantree portpri port-string [sid sid]


port-string Specifies the port(s) for which to set Spanning Tree port priority. For a detailed description of possible port-string values, refer to the S-, K-, and 7100 Series Configuration Guide.
sid sid (Optional) Resets the port priority for a specific Spanning Tree identifier. Valid values are 0 - 4094. If not specified, SID 0 will be assumed.


If sid is not specified, port priority will be set for Spanning Tree 0.


All command modes.


This example shows how to reset the priority of ge.1.3 to 128 on SID 1:

System(rw)->clear spantree portpri ge.1.3 sid 1: