show cfm stack-table

Use this command to display the stack table which contains maintenance point information for each maintenance point for the device (MEP and MIP).


show cfm stack-table






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This example displays maintenance point information by interface:

System(rw)->show cfm stack-table
        MP   Sel      Sel   MD   MP         MD         MA   MP               MAC
      Port  Type      Val  Lvl  Dir      Index      Index   ID           Address
---------- ----- -------- ---- ---- ---------- ---------- ---- -----------------
   ge.1.48   VID     1000    0   Up          1          1 1003 00-1f-45-a0-9d-aa
    tg.1.1   VID        0    0 Down          3          1   59 00-1f-45-a0-9d-ab
    tg.1.1   VID     2000    4 Down          2          1 1601 00-1f-45-a0-9d-ab

show cfm stack-table Output Display provides an explanation of the command output.

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show cfm stack-table Output Display

Output... What it displays...
MP Port Maintenance end- or intermediate-point port ID.
Sel Type CFM service type.
Sel Value CFM service value.
MD Lvl Maintenance domain level.
MP Dir Maintenance end- or intermediate-point direction.
MD Index Maintenance domain index value.
MA Index MA index value.
MP ID Maintenance end- or intermediate-point ID. An MP ID of 0 denotes a maintenance intermediate-point (MIP).
MAC Address MEP MAC address.