clear spantree adminpathcost

Use this command to reset the Spanning Tree default value for port admin path cost to 0.


clear spantree adminpathcost port-string [sid sid]


port-string Specifies the port(s) for which to reset admin path cost. For a detailed description of possible port-string values, refer to the S-, K-, and 7100 Series Configuration Guide.
sid sid (Optional) Resets the admin path cost for specific Spanning Tree(s). Valid values are 0 - 4094. If not specified, SID 0 is assumed.


If sid is not specified, admin path cost will be reset for Spanning Tree 0.


All command modes.


This example shows how to reset the admin path cost to 0 for ge.3.2 on SID 1:

System(rw)->clear spantree adminpathcost ge.3.2 sid 1