match route-type (filter)

Use this command to match a route type.


match route-type {internal | external-t1 | external-t2 | nssa-external}
no match interface {internal | external-t1 | external-t2 | nssa-external}


internal Specifies that the internal route type will be matched.
external-t1 Specifies that the external route type 1 will be matched.
external-t2 Specifies that the external route type 2 will be matched.
naas-external Specifies that the external NSSA route type will be matched.




Route-map filter configuration.


OSPF route types can be internal routes, external Type 1 or Type 2 routes, or external NSSA routes. The route type specified is matched against the packet route type.

Apply the filter route-map using the distribute-list route-map in command in OSPF router configuration command mode to prevent route matches from entering the OSPF routing table.

The “no” form of this command removes the match between a VLAN and this route-map.


This example shows how to match a packet internal route type:

System(rw-config)->route-map filter ospf1
System(rw--config-fltr)->match route-type internal