neighbor route-map

This command specifies a BGP route-map to be used for controlling the import or export of routes to and from the specified peer or group.


neighbor {ip-address | groupID} route-map rm-name {in | out}
no neighbor {ip-address | groupID} route-map rm-name {in | out}


ip-address A BGP peer specified as a valid IPv4 address in dotted-quad format or as a valid IPv6 address in colon-separated format.
groupID A BGP peer group name specified as a string of characters. If an invalid IP address is specified (for example,, it will be read as a group name.
rm-name The name of a configured BGP route-map.
in | out Specify whether the route-map should be applied to routes being learned from (in) or sent to (out) BGP.




BGP Router Configuration.


The neighbor route-map command is used to filter routes between BGP peers. Apply the route-map to the redistribute command for the appropriate protocol to filter route redistribution between protocols.

The neighbor route-map command specifies a configured route-map to be exported into or out of BGP.


In the following example, the configured route-map abc is specified to filter routes exported into BGP:

System(su-config)->router bgp 65151
System(su-config-bgp)->bgp router-id
System(su-config-bgp)->neighbor remote-as 5
System(su-config-bgp)->neighbor route-map abc in