show port tcioverwrite (S-, K-Series)

Use this command to display the status of the port Tag Control Information (TCI) overwrite function on one or more ports.


show port tcioverwrite [port-string]


port-string (Optional) Displays TCI overwrite status for specific port(s).


If port-string is not specified, TCI overwrite status will be displayed for all ports.


All command modes.


When enabled, using set port tcioverwrite (S-, K-Series), TCI overwrite allows policy rules to overwrite all tagged (TCI) frames ingressing on those ports. The show port tcioverwrite command displays the TCI overwrite status for each port or the specified port on the device.


This example shows how to display TCI overwrite status for port ge.1.3:

System(rw)->show port tcioverwrite ge.1.3
TCI overwrite for port ge.1.3 is disabled