set rmon channel (S-, K-Series)

Use this command to configure an RMON channel entry.


set rmon channel index port-string [accept {matched | failed}] [control {on | off}] [onevent onevent] [offevent offevent] [event event] [estatus {ready | fired | always}] [description description] [owner owner]


index Specifies an index number for this entry. An entry will automatically be created if an unused index number is chosen. Maximum number of entries is 2. Maximum value is 65535.
port-string Specifies the port on which traffic will be monitored.
accept matched | failed (Optional) Specifies the action of the filters on this channel as:
  • matched - Packets will be accepted on filter matches
  • failed - Packets will be accepted if they fail a match
control on | off (Optional) Enables or disables control of the flow of data through the channel.
onevent onevent (Optional) Specifies the index of the RMON event that will turn this channel on.
offevent offevent (Optional) Specifies the index of the RMON event that will turn this channel off.
event event (Optional) Specifies the event to be triggered when the channel is on and a packet is accepted.
estatus ready | fired | always (Optional) Specifies the status of the event as:
  • ready - A single event may be generated.
  • fired - No additional events may be generated.
  • always - An event will be generated for every match.
description description (Optional) Specifies a description for this channel.
owner owner (Optional) Specifies the name of the entity that configured this entry.


  • If an action is not specified, packets will be accepted on filter matches.
  • If not specified, control will be set to off.
  • If onevent and offevent are not specified, none will be applied.
  • If event status is not specified, ready will be applied.
  • If a description is not specified, none will be applied.
  • If owner is not specified, it will be set to monitor.


All command modes.


This example shows how to configure RMON channel 54313 for port ge.2.12 with a description of “capture all”:

System(rw)->set rmon channel 54313 ge.2.12 description “capture all”