neighbor advertisement-interval

This command sets the minimum interval between the sending of EBGP routing updates.


neighbor ip-address advertisement-interval interval
no neighbor ip-address advertisement-interval


ip-address Specifies a BGP peer as a valid IPv4 address in dotted-quad format or as a valid IPv6 address in colon-separated format.
interval Specifies the interval in seconds between the sending of BGP routing updates. Valid values are 1 - 65535 seconds. The default value is 30 seconds.




BGP Router Configuration.


BGP sends an UPDATE or WITHDRAWN message whenever an advertised EBGP route changes unless a minimum EBGP advertisement-interval setting is set. The flapping of an EBGP route can cause the flooding of UPDATE and WITHDRAWN messages. The EBGP advertisement-interval setting determines the frequency of EBGP updates regardless of changes to advertised EBGP routes.

The no neighbor advertisement-interval command resets the BGP advertisement-interval to the default value of 30 seconds.


The following example sets the BGP advertisement interval for neighbor to 35 seconds:

System(su-config)->router bgp 65151
System(su-config-bgp)->bgp router-id
System(su-config-bgp)->neighbor advertisement-interval 35