set port jumbo mtu

Use this command to set the port jumbo MTU size or enable dynamic jumbo MTU on one or more ports.


set port jumbo mtu {size size | dynamic {enable | disable}} port-string


size size Specify the size of maximum jumbo MTU frame allowed. Valid values are 1000 – 10239.
dynamic enable | disable Enables or disables dynamic jumbo MTU.
port-string Specifies the port(s) on which the maximum jumbo MTU size is set or dynamic MTU is enabled or disabled.


If MTU jumbo frames is enabled using set port jumbo, jumbo MTU frame size defaults to 10239 bytes for untagged frames and supports 10243 bytes for tagged frames.


All command modes.


The port jumbo MTU size can be administratively set to a packet size between 1000 and 10239. This administratively set packet size is applicable only if jumbo frames is enabled using set port jumbo.

Dynamic jumbo MTU allows you to set the maximum jumbo size to any supported size and jumbo MTU will automatically add the extra header bytes for supported applications if required. Currently, only provider bridging is supported and 4 extra bytes are automatically added to the maximum frame size to account for the provider bridging frame size. If you enable dynamic jumbo MTU, make sure you set the jumbo MTU size to at least 1518.


This example shows how to set the jumbo MTU size to 2000 for port tg.1.5:

System(rw)->set port jumbo enable tg.1.5
System(rw)->set port jumbo mtu size 2000 tg.1.5